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Karis Value Added Training [KVAT]:
K.VAT are monthly capacity building trainings carried out for organizations and individuals, in our locations within the state.
The Value Added Training helps individuals develop skills to increase their marketability and chance at career advancement.
Our Value Added Training include but not limited to:
- Excel Data Mastery (Beginner to Advanced)
- PowerPoint Mastery for excellent business presentation.
- Workplace Ethics and Attitude
- Workplace Mentoring
- Leadership training (Entry level to Senior Management)
- Public Speaking and presentation skills
- Emotional Intelligence
- Social Intelligence
- Mindset Mastery for high performance
- Goal Setting
- Parenting in the Modern Age
- Social Media management
- Financial Intelligence
- Health and Wealth Masterclass
Workplace Therapy
This is our early morning 45 minutes therapeutic training to prepare the professional and put them in the right frame of mind for the day’s work.
This is essentially for the psychological, emotional, physical healing of the staff.
The therapy include but not limited to:
- Managing a difficult (micromanaging) boss
- Goal Setting - Resource Management (Time, Energy, Relationship, Talent)
- Customer Service
- Emotional Intelligence
- Social Intelligence
- Cognitive behavioural therapy
- Team building
- Workplace Ethics and Attitude
- Crisis Management
- The psychology of an executive chauffeur
- The psychology of an executive driver
- The psychology of an executive personal assistant
Corporate Training
The corporate training is divided into three categories to meet the needs of the employees at different levels in the organization.
The aim of the training is to impact the organization’s bottom line by causing transformation in the minds of the employee using our peak performance and peak productivity programs.
Our facilitators are experts in their niche who use storytelling to bring to life their lessons in a way it is committed to the memory of your workforce and causes an impactful change in their lives.
They include but not limited to:
Category 1: Executive Assistant/ Entry Level
This training is for the new recruits in the industry. The training builds in the required psychology, emotion and strength a new recruit needs to grow in the industry.
- Team building (UBUNTU)
- Emotional Intelligence
- Social Intelligence
- Workplace Ethics and Attitude
- Attracting your dream mentor
- Customer Service
- Goal Setting
- Leadership and you
- Personal development
- Personal branding
- Effective Communication
Category 2: Middle Management
This training is for those in the middle management level of an organization.
The training helps to position the employees to be the go-to resource in the organization. To raise leaders who are sound and can make transformational decisions.
- Emotional Intelligence
- Negotiation and Sales mastery
- The Excellent Supervisor
- Critical thinking and problem solving
- In the line of Leadership
- Business Presentation and Public Speaking
- Time management
Category 3: Senior Management
This training is for the top level managers in an organization.
The training is to prepare them to give back to the organization by building her people and also to prepare the top level manager for the life outside of the organization.
- The Right fit mentor
- Emotional Intelligence
- Social Intelligence
- Financial Intelligence
- Critical thinking
- Corporate governance
- Vision management
- Resource management(Time, money, Relationship, talent)
- Post career management
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